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Wireless Charging Is Here To Rule, Dominates Wired Charging

Difference between wireless charger & wired charger

The world is racing towards a wireless environment. The technology industry is experiencing success when it comes to wireless phone accessories. Especially, when Apple is fetching so much attention at the recent time, the wireless chargers have gained an immense popularity.

Do you also prefer Wireless Charging over Wired Charger? The traditional way of charging your gadgets is slowly dying and the wireless charger is seen dominating this area.

Of course, wireless is hassle-free as you do not have to fiddle around with cables and run around to find a socket. Although, not all wireless charging pads are created equal.

You need to know the nuances of the technology and the gear in order to get the best charging setup for your smartphone. So, how will you find out which is the best Wireless Charger or is it better than Wired Charging? Well, let’s find out!

Why Wireless Charger is better?

  • As it is called Wireless, you must be knowing how easy it is to charge your smartphones.
  • Just drop your device on the wireless charging dock or mat and it will start charging.
  • Simply charge your iPhone X, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 or any number of different smartphones that support wireless charging.
  • Qi Wireless charger has become the most popular charging standard in today’s market. These are basically designed for portable gadgets such as smartphones.
  • It does not reproduce any electrical shock. It has low electricity consumption quality. Also, it is rust free and is safe and harmless.
  • A wireless charging pad allows you to charge different smartphones simultaneously. With this, you can now reduce the number of cables and international power adapters at your home and workplace.
Wireless charger


Earlier, there used to be two wireless charging standards—PowerMat and Qi—but the tech world has consolidated around the latter. However, now also, most smartphones work on both the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi and the PMA or AirFuel Alliance standards.

Keep in Mind before buying Wireless Charger:

  • Your smartphone and wireless charger should support the same maximum wattage for wireless charging.
  • Make sure to check is your wireless charging pad offering faster-charging speeds for an Android phone, but slow charging speeds for an iPhone.
  • Prefer buying a wireless charging mat that comes with a power adapter.
  • Make sure your device is always updated with the latest and greatest software, as it may include unlocking faster wireless charging.

Slower or Faster?

Wireless charger advantages

Wireless chargers are mostly faster than the others. Those modern higher-powered chargers are quite capable of fully charging a large battery smartphone in around two hours.

They’re typically rated by wattage, with 5W and 10W chargers common, or by output amperage, with 1A at 5V wireless chargers compared to a standard 1A USB cable charger. For example: charger that comes with the iPhone 7.

Safety mechanisms and measures of Wireless Charging:

  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Overcurrent protection with a dynamic threshold
  • Power regulator, which prevents unnecessary power transmitting to foreign objects or transmission of high voltage to a receiver that isn’t capable of accepting it.

Which one to choose?

While Wireless Charger is ruling over the market, wired charging is still preferable to many. The bottom line is that it is difficult to choose which one is better. Both of them has their pros and cons.

However, the craze of iPhone among the people is touching the sky. According to their needs, technology is making life easier with iPhone, Samsung, and other Smartphone Wireless Chargers.

Thus, it looks like a better option than wired charging method. Isn’t it?  Also, wireless charging gives you a much cleaner and classy look when compared with traditional cable charging. So, adapt yourself with the wire-free fashion as this trend is just a few steps away from conquering the world entirely.

Future of Wireless Charging

There’s no doubt wireless charging adds value. In every industry works or in company, the wireless technology will be used in the future. It will be the standard of mobile power in a few short years.

Major electronic manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple have adopted the technology as they push towards a wire-free world. The present wireless chargers do have a few drawbacks, but those will vanish in a few years as forward thinking designers and clients are incorporating the technology now at a faster pace.

So think of a long run and invest in a wireless charger for a hassle-free life.

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