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How to move Heavy Furniture without breaking a sweat

Moving heavy furniture


Moving furniture without suffering from terrible residual back pain is somewhat impossible while moving to your new house. Be it relocating or just reorganizing heavy furniture, there is always a high risk of ending up in the hospital! I have been there, and over the years I have inculcated few tricks on moving the heavy furniture.

I feel that if you use your head half as much as you use your back to move the furniture around, you’ll absolutely enjoy shifting too!

5 tips and tricks to know why I said shifting could be much easier!

Plan where to place it before you lift it

Ok, planning is always underrated. We all have a mindset that we will figure out where to land the furniture after we shift it to the new house. Trust me, you will eventually end up accumulating all your furniture in the living area thus making it even more difficult to move them around later!

You will never realize the importance of creating a layout until you stand confused in the middle of your living room holding a furniture that weighs like a ton.

Outlining a floor plan with accurate measurements of each room, and also the measurements of your furniture is very critical. By creating a layout, you make it as easy as moving the furniture in the correct spot and not touching it again!

Use Shoulder Dolly and Furniture Lifters

If you are thinking about moving heavy furniture on your own, then you must use some furniture movers. Why? Because these tools are going to help you save thousands of dollars on your medical bills!


furniture moving tools

Shoulder dolly or lifting straps take the burden off your back by counting on the large muscle groups in your body, like your shoulder. They also leave your hands free while moving large furniture!

Also, the very simple and easy to use furniture moving dolly comes with four wheels that make it easier to glide and rearrange the furniture all by yourself! All you need to do is lift each corner of the furniture and put a dolly underneath so that the wheels can move the furniture easily. The bottom rollers fit under any appliance to help you lift without any trouble.

Move large items high and low

Large or tall items are always difficult to handle. However, it can be easier when you balance the weight of the furniture to keep it from swinging out of control while you are moving it.

The best way to move furniture is getting one person to carry the top while another person carries the bottom part of the furniture. With this trick, moving the furniture up or down the staircase is not challenging as the carrying angle roughly matches the slope of the stairs.

Prevent any harm by taking necessary precautions

It would help if you watched out on the pressure you are exerting on your backbone because chances are you will hurt yourself if you try to use your back while lifting. Your thighs are much stronger and less prone to injury compared to your backbone. So you know what to use, right?

how to move heavy furniture

However, make sure you follow these precautionary measures:

  • Always lift with your legs and definitely not with your back.
  • Bend from your knees and beyond doubt not from your waist.
  • Use your core, legs, and hips and not your waist and back.
  • Refrain from using a dolly with heavy furniture that is higher than your chest-level.
  • Lift a recliner from its sides and not by its back or footrest. Remember to tie the footrest in place to prevent it from springing open while moving it.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and a good shoe.


    Remove all the spare parts you can from the Furniture

    Removing the drawers out of the dressers or cleaning up the items inside a cabinet before moving it is common sense guys! If you are shifting a sofa, remove its cushions or if you are moving a cabinet then first empty the books and clothes inside it!

    Always try to find a way to reduce the furniture a few inches before lugging it through the doorway! In this way, you can make heavier furniture sleeker or lighter to carry.

    Key Takeaway

    Moving heavy furniture all by yourself has become easier these days with so many tools available at your fingertips! However, if you are not sure about moving it on your own and have some really heavy furniture, you should consider hiring movers. It is pretty affordable!

    Let me tell you, furniture moving equipments are the first thing that I can think of while moving to a new place. Moreover, they are the easiest way to move furniture too!

    Let us know about the tricks that you inculcate while moving furniture.


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