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Planning to Sleep on Plane? Carry Your Travel Neck Pillow

Sleeping tips on a plane

Flight journeys are tiring when you are already exhausted. To avoid getting jet -lagged later, try to grab the best travel pillow for long-haul flights that can help you to sleep on a plane comfortably.

If you are a business class traveler, then you will have the luxury to sleep in peace with less disturbance. But if you travel via economy class, then you need to know a few tips to sleep on a plane.

First and foremost, carry your comfort items like travel pillows for airplanes. And try to get a window seat, so that, you can have a good sleep on a flight with no disturbance.

So, to know what to and not to do while you are planning to take a nap on a plane, here are some amazing tips and secrets to get a good sleep for long-haul flights.

10 Tips on Sleeping On A Plane:

Book Window Seat

Window seats are mostly everyone’s favorite, but only lucky ones get to score it. Isn’t it? But to have a comfortable sleep on a plane, this tip will have a massive impact.

  • If you are on an aisle seat, then passengers or staff will bump your arm
  • The window seat will prevent you from being disturbed by fellow passengers who will want to go to the washroom.

Neck Pillow

You must carry your best travel pillow with you on such long flight journeys. Grab the Best neck pillow that is compact, versatile, comfortable and space worthy to sleep on a plane.


best travel neck pillow for long flights

  • This best airplane pillow that you can find comes half the size of a standard U-shaped pillow.
  • This travel neck pillow will be stuffed with microbeads.
  • Use it in a preferred sleeping position.  
  • Best travel pillow for long-haul flights is lightweight and comfortable.

Uncross Legs

Be comfortable while you are seated. Do not cross your legs and sit if you want to have a comfortable flight. Try to relax and uncross your legs to have a proper blood circulation. Keep them straight with a slight bend to your knee. This will avoid any blood pooling in the lower part of your body.

Lean Back

Do not hesitate to recline your chair and lean back comfortably. The seats are meant to be reclined, especially, if it is a long hour flight or late night journey. Everyone will sleep on a plane in that case, so, lean back and rest.

  • NOTE: Be courteous before reclining the seat. Look back and check whether the person behind you is not sleeping on the tray table or kept coffee or any food item on it. Give them a heads up and then, push the button.

Switch Off Electronics

If you want to sleep on a plane, then stop checking your phone or tablets every now and then. Also, no movies or work on laptops. The display lights will not let you sleep. So switch off all the electronics and rest.

Skip Alcohol and Coffee

As the best travel pillow is the most necessary thing to sleep on a plane, so is avoiding coffee and alcohol. Caffeine and liquor are the opposite items to make you fall in sleep. So, strictly avoid them before boarding and traveling on an airplane.

Do Not Disturb

Politely inform the crew members to not to wake you up during the serving of meals. Also, you can request your neighbor passenger to do the same.

Buckle Over Blanket

For passengers’ safety, crew members often check whether you are wearing the belt or not, especially while taking off and landing. So, buckle up over your blanket. This way, the staff will notice that you are safe and won’t disturb you from your sleep.

Set Alarm

You do not want to wake up to fluorescent lights and sunshine. When you are about to land, passengers are supposed to open the window shutters, pull up the reclined seat and sit straight. To avoid such hassle, set an alarm 30-45 minutes before the landing time. This will help to wake up and do the necessary things.

Say Thank You

When you are about to leave after a comfortable sleep on a plane, say ‘Thank You’ to the crew members and also, your neighbor for not waking you up.

Reaching your destination feeling fresh and awake is a blissful experience. Now, you won’t be cranky due to lack of sleep or will be jet-lagged.

So, follow these tips when you are planning a long flight and will be sleeping on a plane. Do not forget your precious neck support pillow.

Have a safe and comfortable flight!



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